Coimbatore haematology

Blood related diseases are at a rise in India among people of all age groups and background as Coimbatore haematology is best Haematology in Coimbatore. Proper diagnosis, analysis and treatments at the right time are critical to save life in the cases like lymphoma and leukemia. Our Coimbatore haematology centre which is best Hematology in Coimbatore has developed into one of the largest centre and a comprehensive one to give state of the art of care for people suffering from various hematological ailments such as anemia, hemophilia, blood cancers etc for people in Tamilnadu and Kerala as it is best diagnosis center for blood cancer in Coimbatore & blood disease in Coimbatore . The Centre has infrastructure and facilities ranging from Stem cell processing, Bone Marrow/Stem cell Transplants as Coimbatore haematology is the best Stem cell transplant in Coimbatore & Bone marrow transplant in Coimbatore for all indications, Flowcytometry for acute categorization and follow up of blood cancers and lymphoma as Coimbatore haematology centre is best for Blood cancer treatment in Coimbatore & Lymphoma treatment in Coimbatore. Cytogenetic and molecular testing required for all the hematological diseases are done under one roof.

The Unit has been run by an Eminent Hematologist Dr Suthanthira Kannan.

Why Visit Us?

  • Internationally-acclaimed hematologists

  • Trained and dedicated nurses and staff

  • Daycare heamatology Coimbatore for chemotherapy

  • 24 hours and emergency services

  • Centre does all types of transplants including haplotransplants for patients with no HLA match.


is functioning at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Sidhapudur, Coimbatore as ADVANCED CENTRE FOR BLOOD DISEASES AND


Coimbatore heamatology
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