• Comprehensive centre for Hematological diagnosis,work up and treatment.Advanced coagulation, modern blood bank with irradiator facilities are being set up to make it as a centre of excellence in Tamil nadu.
  • Most of the advanced hematological tests such as flowcytometry for instant diagnosis of Luekemia/Lymphoma, Minimal residual disease detection are available
  • Facilities for stem cell collection, storage, long term cryopreservation of stem cells available
  • Advanced tests such as molecular studies, cytogenetics, Chimerism studies for transplant patients, FISH and immunochemistries are done for patients wherever it is needed
  • The Centre with its team has the largest number of Acute Luekmias (Blood Cancers), Lymphomas and bone marrow transplants treated so far in Coimbatore
  • So far the centre has done all kinds of bone marrow/stem cell transplants such as autologous, allogenic, double cord, haplo transplants etc. and for almost all known haematological diseases. Haplo transplants are novel to hematology wherein even a patient without complete 10/10 HLA match can undergo transplants with his brother, mother or child as donor with just 5/10 match. This has made transplant feasible for every one.
  • The Centre has the uniqueness of very low induction mortality (Death during treatment ) rate (< 5%) and Day 100 transplant mortality rate (< 10%) which is comparable to any Western Standards. This has been made possible due to the unique nature of low Fungal infections (which is the major cause of mortality) in this part of the country.
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